The Bride in Leafyland

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Told through a fictional story about a bride and her husband arriving at their new home in a picturesque landscape, surprises ensue when bullying breaks out in full force.

The Source - Episode 4: Connewarran - Cultivating the land

Projected through a series of tools that children can use to take action against both physical and cyber bullies, the book is poised to form a vital part of a nationwide uprising against the increasing number of bullying cases. The primary lesson is to equip any child to safeguard against bullying others and or being bullied, to recognise bullying and do something about it, coupled with interpersonal lessons in action and The book also contains advice for practitioners to deal with bullying.

The book offers an adaptable handbook to be used in any setting. ISBN: Mrinal Khatnani is the best wedding photographer in Mumbai.

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