Lesson Plan In God We Trust, All Others Pay Cash by Jean Shepherd

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Sometimes, writing dialogue, I fancied that he stood over my shoulder, giving me pointers. Often, in my imagination, I heard that wonderful laugh of his when I made a scene work particularly well. So thank you to Dramatic Publishing, thank you, Dana, my friend and editor, and thank you, Jean Shepherd, the dear friend I never met. And you will live on. TIME: As he speaks, the music drops in volume, but remains under his voice. Windows are garlanded in red and green, yards are alight with plastic reindeer and milling crowds of shoppers fill the streets, stores and malls.

I put up my tree last week. Had to assemble it first. Then I threw an artificial yule log on the propane-augmented fire and began to reminisce about Christmases past. The holidays tend to do that. I found myself remembering another Christmas in another time The stage is dominated by a cutaway two-story house located L and angled toward Uc. The living room, L, is 8 inches up from the stage floor, and the kitchen, C, is 24 inches up. An inset step links the two rooms. A plant on a small table sits DL in the window alcove.

The front door is on the L wall U ofthe window, a coat rack near it. U ofthe door is a staircase. In the living room, at the foot of the stairs and V, a hall takes a turn out ofsight to the rest ofthe house. R of the hall, and angled D to the R sits a couch with a floor lamp behind it and a floor model Is radio on the D end.

Just left ofthe center ofthe room sits an easy chair. There is a window D, indicated with a low cutaway or with a gobo. Over the living room, V of the back wall, is Ralphie's room, with a bed, desk and bureau. A table sits in the center ofthe kitchen. The corner of the kitchen is directly U. A refrigerator sits against the angled VL wall. L of the refrigerator a door opens to the basement. L ofthe door a shott hall leads V to the rest of the house.

A built-in counter travels along the wall, VR ofthe refrigerator, turns the corner and continues down the R kitchen wall. Above the sink is a window, flanked by cabinets. A stove sits R of the sink. The counter continues into a greener,!

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Steps lead down into the bacj.. In the kitchen of the cutaway, two-story house, MOTHER, in a red chenille bathrobe, stands at the stove, dishing up bowls of oatmeal.

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RANDY sits at the table, breaking up breakfast rolls and stuffing them into his milk glass. And there it is.

Lesson Plan In God We Trust, All Others Pay Cash by Jean Shepherd

Yes sir, Hohman, Indiana-ragged vacant lots, American Legion halls and bowling alleys woven. This time every year the wind would come screaming over frozen Lake Michigan, laying down great drifts of snow. The air would crack and sing and power lines would creak under caked ice. Christmas was on its way.

Lovely, beautiful, glorious Christmas, around which the entire kid year revolved. Light in kitchen dims. Light comes up R, D of the wooden fence. Music slowly fades out. FLICK offstage. Hey' Schwartz' Wait up! FLICK enters at a run, stops. Flick and Schwartz, my two best friends.

Hey, you started any Christmas shopping yet? Got most of it finished. Man' You're done early! Whadja get? Come over here. To us kids, the most important thing, next to "What am I getting for Christmas? I haven't figured out what to get for my mother yet, but for my father Hey, that's my sore ann!

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FLICK takes the hint. The BOYS overdo nonchalance. Takes a quick look around, reaches into his canvas backpack and pulls forth an old-fashioned, pump-style bug-spray gun. A new Flit gun' The sheer creative brilliance of it was staggering. In the land of the rolled newspaper and wire fly swatter, the man with a Flit gun was king! Know what I'm gonna get my father?

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A rose that squirts! We'd all seen these magnificent appliances at Pulaski's candy store A gift anyone would treasure. LighTs go down DR and come up full in kitchen. Come down to breakfast!

What I learned from Jean Shepherd.

Authors earn their living from the royalties they receive from book sales and from the performance of their work. The handout covers symbolism, plot elements, and other literary devices. L ofthe door a shott hall leads V to the rest of the house. Heat can be transferred by radiation, conduction and convection. These injuries often occur because children do not understand More information. Come over here. Then, I will read the verb in three sentences,.

You'll be late for school! He sits at his desk, writing. I'm coming! That's me, up in my room, planning my own Christmas purchases. I'm serving up the oatmeal!

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I hadn't yet settled on my mother's gift. It would be either a perfume atomizer with golden lion's feet or a string of plastic beads the size of walnuts. It wasn't an easy choice. Here's your oatmeal, Randy. She sees the mess he's made. Oh, Randy! With a sigh, she takes his milk away and he begins playing with his oatmeal as if it were modeling clay. MOTHER dumps the contents ofhis milk glass into the sink, then moves to the refrigerator for more milk. For my kid brother, Randy, I'd narrowed it down to a plastic water pistol, a rubber dagger or a tin zeppelin with little wheels and a friction motor.

You've gotta be careful picking out a gift for your kid brother; if you get him something you've always wanted, it could lead to bad blood. I, myself, was lukewann on water pistols, rubber daggers and tin zeppelins, so whichever one I finally chose was safe. Get Dutta here!


Lemme alone! Our hillbilly neighbors, the Bumpuses, had at least smelly hound dogs, and. Every time The Old Man showed his face outside, the Bumpus hounds would come after him. He crosses into the kitchen carrying a handful of envelopes. Did you see what those lousy hounds did to the hedge? I got the morning mail. He pulls forth a wad of tattered paper that has been well chewed by the Bumpus hounds.

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Most of it, anyway. Anything for me? Sure, here you go: bill, bill, bill Very funny.

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Did you scrape the ice off the new car? Engine's warming up. RALPHIE moves to the door of his room, listens for a moment, crosses to his bed, fishes around underneath and brings forth a can of Simoniz. He sits on the bed to examine it. For my father I had recently made the final payment on a family-size can of Simoniz. I could hardly wait to see him unwrap the Simoniz on Christmas morning, with the red, yellow and blue tree lights mak-. One of The Old Man's favorite proverbs, one he never tired of quoting was Motorists wise, Simoniz!