Leadership Issues in the Information Literate School Community

Empowering Students’ Educational Leadership Through Digital Literacy and Social Emotional Learning
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Duke, Nell. Image Credit: Created at Tagxedo. For me, digitalequityis fully resourced school libraries led by state-certified school librarians who provide access and o pportunity to close literacy learning gaps for students, educators, and families. As educators with expertise in curating and integrating digital resources and tools into curriculum, school librarians and libraries are perfectly positioned to be leaders and coteachers of digital literacy.

School librarians serve as technology stewards. Stewardship is an activity that requires one to practice responsible planning and management of the resources one is given, or over which one has authority. Students, families, classroom teachers, and administrators rely on proactive library professionals who plan for, manage, and integrate digital learning tools and experiences into the daily school-based learning lives of students.

Access and equity are core principles of librarianship. With their global view of the learning community, school librarians have an essential role to play as digital literacy leaders who help address gaps in technology access and in opportunities to use digital resources for learning and creating. In schools with plenty, school librarians advocate for a digitally rich learning environment for students and coteach with colleagues to effectively integrate digital resources, devices, and tools.

School librarians can be leaders in codeveloping, coimplementing, and sustaining digital learning environments in their schools. They commit to closing the gap between access and opportunity by collaborating with classroom teachers and specialists and ensuring that the open-access library makes digital learning opportunities and tools available to all students.

Share a tool or website! For previous chat questions and archives, visit our IS course Twitter Chats wiki page. Thank you! American Library Association. These are the four questions that guided our Twitter chat. A question posed recently on a popular school librarian Facebook group heightened my level of concern for how school librarians perceive their roles as teachers of reading and how they view the relationship between information literacy or inquiry and reading comprehension strategies. Beliefs about information, inquiry learning, and reading comprehension strategies.

Inquiry, information literacy, and reading comprehension are like a three-legged stool.

K8linNic A. Literacy support is more than promoting reading is SLs serve as literacy leaders in their schools. Ss have to have solid reading skills to thrive in an academic setting. This Ts and schoollibrarians can agree on. ScofieldJoni A. In this day and age, digital literacy is just as important. MFechik A. MsMac A.

Leadership Issues in the Information Literate School Community

Our Juniors currently engage in very inquiry through their research projects. Students get to choose an independent reading book and then research a theme or question based on their book. This gives students a choice but also provides a focus. TravelingLib A. Inquiry is mostly seen in science and social studies, but has yet to be integrated well into other subjects. Inquiry research was only done in gifted classes. Gifted Ts got all the fun! SLs did no classroom literacy instruction is iSchoolK Individual classes do their own lessons.

Quote Tweet CactusWoman A. Without understanding text, the information is lost.

Real Men Read program promotes leadership and literacy in Matteson

OwlsAndOrchids The skills do seem to build upon one another and they are all necessary for total success. Quote Tweet burnsiebookworm A4: Once Ss can get a handle on reading comprehension, skills like making predictions come more naturally, which allows them to move thru the inquiry process. GraceMW A. Ts and schoollibrarians who help foster these skills are helping curious students be stronger researchers and info seekers is iSchoolK We use the making textconnections strategies in ELA classes.

Being able to connect to a text is the 1st step. Readers applying comprehension strategies such as activating background knowledge, questioning, making predictions and drawing inferences, determining importance or main ideas, and synthesizing regardless of the genre or format of the text. These preservice school librarians agree that people can be reading proficient without being information literate, but a person cannot be information literate and engage in inquiry learning without comprehending what they read, view, or hear.

It is my intention that they will take this understanding into their practice as educators and librarians. Note: The tweets quoted here are used with permission and the whole class provided me with permission to link to our Wakelet archive see below.

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Evaluation would be based upon a broad range of literacy indicators, including some that assess the quality and appropriateness of information sources or the quality and efficiency of the information searches themselves. Assessments would attend to ways in which students are using their minds and achieving success as information consumers, analyzers, interpreters, evaluators, and communicators of ideas. Skip to main content. We all appreciate your generosity, hard work. Another goal focused on increased teacher knowledge and use of literacy support strategies in all content areas. There were a few titles that were not appropriate for the school environment such as Private Parts by Howard Stern. This global impact gives school librarians opportunities to positively impact learning and teaching throughout the building.

American Association of School Librarians. Chicago: ALA. Inquiry and Reading Comprehension Strategies.

Issues of Leadership

Twitter Chat 2. Tilly, Carol L. Reading instruction and school librarians. School Library Monthly 30 3 : When I served as a secondary school librarian, this week was one of my most treasured. For those three years, I collaborated with 8 th grade one and high school English language arts classroom teachers to spotlight the Most Frequently Challenged Books from I look forward to the list! There were a few titles that were not appropriate for the school environment such as Private Parts by Howard Stern.

Building Connections for Learning and Advocacy

We launched the lesson by helping students make connections among these three terms and books written for youth: banned, challenged, and censored. The classroom teachers and I co-read one of the picture books from the list and modeled a conversation about why the book had been challenged. Then, students working in small groups were given a short stack of books and the task of discussing each one to determine why they thought the book had been challenged.

Students read picture books and book jacket information for novels to guide their thinking. I have been a fan ever since the book was published… and this year read both the graphic novel version and her latest book Shout.

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Speak , the Novel I read this book when it was first published. In , I facilitated a student book club at Sabino High School.

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It was my first year as a high school librarian after serving in elementary school libraries for ten years. The students in the club were freshmen and sophomores. I provided students with a stack of books for which I could secure multiple copies. They picked Speak as our first read. Of course, I suspected that Speak would be an important book for the young women in the group. It was an outstanding beginning for building our caring and thoughtful community of readers. The black, white, and sepia tones of the illustrations portray the fear and suffering of a freshman girl who has been raped and shunned.

Her isolation and depression are vividly drawn. The parallels with the acts of superheroes will not be lost on readers. The graphic novel format with brief text, frames that sequence and chunk the text, and drawings that pack an emotional punch will bring many new and returning readers to this text.

As a woman, mother, and grandmother, I wept for young women who have suffered and continue to suffer in silence and must find resilience without family or societal support. But from my personal perspective Shout was the most powerful of the three. Thank you, Laurie Halse Anderson, for your courage in breaking the silence, for openly sharing your life experiences, and for your heartfelt truth telling. Our library materials reconsideration policies are a place to begin.

We invite you to join us our chat on Monday, September 23rd from to p. September 23, is Twitter Chat: Inquiry Learning. As students pursue the answers to personally meaningful questions and engage in real-world projects, they learn how to learn and build their confidence. Hands-on, minds-on inquiry learning experiences help prepare young people to problem solve when confronted with the inevitable learning challenges that will characterize their futures.

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The Information Literate School Community 2. Issues of Leadership. A volume in Topics in Australian Teacher Librarianship. Book • Edited by. Editorial Reviews. Review. "Because of their interaction with the entire school community and knowledge of information technologies, librarians are in a unique .

Educators are responsible for creating the conditions in which inquiry learning can flourish. When two or more educators plan for inquiry, they increase the resources and knowledge at the collaboration table. They help students develop their ability to comprehend all types of texts and build future ready skills and strategies that are transferable to other learning contexts—both in and outside of school. Comprehension strategies are essential for success in our personal, educational, and professional lives. Throughout the inquiry process, students and adults access and use information for which they have little, incomplete, or no background knowledge.

The traditional literacies—reading, writing, listening, and speaking—are called into service during inquiry learning. School librarians can be leaders in codeveloping, coimplementing, and sustaining a culture of reading and inquiry in their schools.