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This Week’s Best Longreads: The Daily Beast Picks May 28, 2011
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When a Web Community Becomes a Book Publisher

Hill describes his own upbringing and that of his father, the archetypal American tough guy who nevertheless embraced his considerably softer son. The fact his background is surprisingly respectable, borderline corporate for the boxing world, does nothing to lessen the mystique. Of the several talented young writers covering the fight game Hamilton is less burdened by the conventions of the form than most, enabling him to capture the absurdity and irreverence that makes the Sweet Science so captivating.

Reading this piece prompted me to reach out and acquaint myself with someone whose writing on the sport will doubtless become a mainstay at more mainstream outlets in the coming years. A heartbreaking but common tale repeated in gyms across the country everyday.

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What good is a listicle without a little shameless self-promotion? In retrospect the unsatisfying result, questionable accommodations and general sense of seediness all fade from memory, leaving only a brief glimpse of something spectacular from the Cuban featherweight. Follow along through the hashtag longreads , and visit Longreads. To take these stories on the go, we recommend using smartphone applications such as Instapaper or Read It Later. You can download either at your mobile phone's application store.

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The latest from Nieman Lab. Ken Doctor. It is still incredibly easy to share and see known fake news about politics on Facebook. Laura Hazard Owen.

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Judge for yourself. Joshua Benton.

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