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Tutors: Rachael Kantaris Level: Any Explore a creative and experimental approach to a variety of printmaking techniques including monoprinting and collagraph. Taught by Rachael Kantaris, a highly experienced print maker and painter, she will share with you the versatility of combining these printing methods. You will work on etching print presses in the Porthmeor Print workshop, to create multi-layered painterly prints. Tutors: Ilker Cinarel An introduction to using acrylics, an ideal medium if you like to work fast and finish a painting in one sitting.

Explore its flexibility and how to colour mix effectively with a limited palette on different surfaces. You will learn simple and dynamic approaches to get you started in a fun and accessible way. Tutors: Gary Long Level: Any Learn how to capture the human figure in oil paint working directly from the model. Tutors: Liz Luckwell Level: Any Learn to create striking, bold and contemporary work though structured and guided tuition.

Tutors: Hilary Gibson Level: Beginner This course covers the basics of this rewarding and beautiful medium. Learn the essential techniques to get you started and understand your materials. Through demonstrations, theory and practice you will develop confidence in essential techniques. A springboard for enjoying this medium to the full and an ideal first step to watercolour painting. Tutors: Alice Mumford Level: Any Many artists including Bonnard and Chardin have used warm and cool colours to create a sense of light, compositional contrast and atmosphere.

Cool whites surrounded by warm elements can structure the painting and give them drama and depth.

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Learn to harness this simple but vital approach to creating a compelling painting in oils. This enables us to give subsidised, quality art tuition to dedicated young people with a passion for art. Tutors: Ilker Cinarel Level: Any The sculptural shapes shuddering out of the sea along the Cornish coastline inspire this course, carved by centuries of Atlantic weather.

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Investigate these monolithic natural structures through the diagrammatic drawings and curvilinear carvings work of great British Modernists such as Barbara Hepworth, Henry Moore and Naum Gabo to create dynamic landscape paintings. Fast-track to a place where big changes can come from small shifts in your confidence and approach.

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Teeming with exercises, challenges and demonstrations, this mixed media course liberates you from expectations and encourages you to embrace the happy accident. Develop your painting in several directions simultaneously, and invest your creative energy more wisely.

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Tutors: Ashley Hold Respected portrait artist Ashley Hold believes the first requirement for making a portrait is the ability to draw and paint what you see, as truthfully as you can. This course aims to give you a toolkit of methods to help you develop the ability to make a portrait, but which you can also use in any figurative work. Acrylic paint is an ideal learning medium because any mistakes can be rapidly and easily painted over. Tutors: Jill Eisele Level: Any Paint en plein air on the cliffs and beaches around St Ives and explore the mood and elemental energy of place. Start by using oil bars and paints outside then develop work back in the studio with brushes, knives and other tools to explore your expressive mark making.

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An ideal course to experiment and generate lots of ideas. Tutors: Greg Humphries Level: Any Liberate your senses from the demands of the day-to-day and give the world your undivided attention. Explore the glinting coves and shimmering sands of St Ives through all five senses and discover that developing distinctive, abstract paintings can be as easy as taking a moment to stop, look and listen. Tutors: liz luckwell Camilla Dixon Level: Beginner This course is a concentrated dose of encouraging tuition and individual experimentation, giving you a solid foundation in mixed media landscape.

Our spectacular surroundings and relaxed St Ives studios provide an ideal climate for you to feel confident and excited about trying something new. Focusing on landscape, develop a connection between looking and creating and open up new ways of looking at the world around you. Through experimental exercises in the rugged coastal landscape and in the studio, you will discover just how rewarding drawing can be. BOOK - 1 place s left only.

Learn to make vivid visual notes to develop into a small figurative oil painting. Capture your time in iconic St Ives, its lichen covered roofs, cobbled streets, winding pathways and whitewashed cottages gleaming in the sun. Learn to confidently convey this special place using line, colour and shape. Use oil paint with fresh and fluid methods that reveal and respond to traces of marks and colour. Two Artist tutors will show you how to enjoy the process of layering, erasing and exposing in an organic and exciting way.

It is a great opportunity to build your confidence using oils, loosen up and widen your painting repertoire.

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Tutors: Greg Humphries Level: Beginner Ideal if you are a total newcomer to oils, we have designed this course to give you the tips and tools you need to get you started. Learn simple and dynamic approaches to painting in oils, responding to landscape as well as working in the studio from still life.

This will provide you with a thorough introduction to this versatile and accessible medium. Tutors: Clare Wardman, Iain Robertson Level: Experienced This mentoring course for practicing artists is led by two highly experienced contemporary, abstract artists. Working in a supportive studio environment, you will focus on ideas and processes that enable you to gain understanding and confidence in your own discoveries.

Spend 4 days in our bright and airy Penwith studio consolidating your ideas in advance of the weekend and developing them to their full potential. Translate visual information gathered in the landscape into multi layered prints using mono printing and drypoint, including time creating work on one of three presses.

You will enjoy this course if you love the simplicity and immediacy of print, an approach that will also benefit and inspire your painting. Tutors: Gary Long Using an expressive approach in oils capture the dramatic encounter between the sea and the land. Observe and sketch the coastline around St Ives, learning how to work with gouache to make annotations on colour and weather.

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Drawing Mentor 11, Still Life Drawing - Kindle edition by Sarah Bowles. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features. Volumes 11, 12 and 13 of the Drawing Mentor series are contained in this book. These are advanced lesson which use the skills you've developed in previous.

Back in the studio develop these into lively and dramatic oil paintings. You will gain confidence in using tools, techniques and a limited palette to capture drama and movement.


Tutors: Hilary Gibson Capture the unforgettable essence of St Ives harbour and town, its buildings, cottages and cobbled streets that have changed little over the centuries. Learn to use the deceptively simple approach of line and wash to capture these locations in situ. Create annotated studies to return to the studio to develop into larger pieces using pen, ink and wash and simple mono printing. Tutors: Hilary Gibson Explore techniques to capture the elemental power of the sea, inspired by JMW Turner, the pre-eminent painter of water.

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His rapidly made and highly expressive studies, known as colour "beginnings", reveal fresh and immediate approaches to using watercolour. Learn to create vibrant watercolours, denote the sky, sea and beach, and animate and transform unadulterated colour into a boundless seascape. Tutors: Peter Skerrett Level: Any Many artists feel compelled to make sketches of what they see in day-to-day life. However, back in the studio, developing these can be a challenge. This course will help you identify your unique vision of the world by integrating your observation of the material world with the personal topography of your memory and imagination.

Learn to translate your creative impulse into meaningful work by working in series rather than on individual pieces. Work with acrylics on a large scale to explore colour, scale and composition.

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Tutors: Liz Luckwell, Marion Taylor Level: Beginner This course is ideal for the beginner and guides you through some of the key materials and methods used by painters. Gather visual information through drawing, then develop your work using tonal studies and simple print making techniques. Progressing into paint, explore the properties and application of both acrylic and oil paint to create informed and individual paintings. Tutors: Kerry Harding Learn to use innovative painting exercises and unconventional tools to discover new possibilities for your landscape painting and keep your creativity flowing even when you return home.

Extend your learning for a further six weeks with fortnightly tutorials in our online studio. Reconnect with your fellow students and tutor using your computer or iPad with full technical support. This extended course ensures you stretch your techniques; experiment in your approach and bring that St Ives inspiration back home.